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What's new in Appraise-It Pro?

Every version includes dozens of bug and stability fixes as well as other improvements; the bullet points included here summarize major new features in each version. For a detailed list of changes, go to Support > What's New in Appraise-It Pro.

Appraise-It Pro 3.0 (released 2/5/24)

  • Automatic market conditions (time) adjustments now support negative adjustments
  • Report validator's keyword checking has been renamed "subjectivity validation" and now show as informational items in the validator pane
  • More search terms have been added to the addenda library to make forms easier to find
  • New primary forms: AI Appraisal Report - Residential (100.06), AI Appraisal Report - Land (120.06), AI Appraisal Report - Restricted (200.06), AI Residential Real Estate Appraisal Review Report (400.01), FHLMC 1-4 Unit Property Inspection Report, Class Valuation Desktop Appraisal (2019), FNMA Residential Broker Price Opinion (12/2009)
  • New addenda: AI Liquidation Value Adeendum (801.06), AI Certifications (900.06), FW-68 Land Appraisal Report Listing Comps, Alternative Land Appraisal Report Listing Comps, FW-69 Real Estate Evaluation Report Sales Comps, Vacant Land Sales and Listing Comps Photos

Appraise-It Pro 2.9 (released 10/9/23)

  • New AppraisalPort integration replaces the old AIReady integration
  • New Compact Comps command closes up gaps in comp grids by shifting comps left if there are empty comps
  • Report Search now includes Invoice Number, Project Name, and Property Type - PUD
  • Sketch-It and Sketch32 now display whole-number dimensions to one decimal place to improve ANSI compliance
  • New Disable Auto-Transfers check box in the Format panel for basement area fields can be used to prevent auto-transfers from clearing the report's basement area if the sketch does not contain a basement
  • New addenda: FNMA Appraiser Independence Requirements (8/2023), FEMA SFHDF (4/2021)

Appraise-It Pro 2.8 (released 5/30/23, updated 7/20/23 and 8/10/23)

  • Appraise-It Pro now runs on .NET 6, which brings general performance improvements and the ability to run natively on ARM64 hardware
  • Report validator now checks for more than 200 terms and phrases that may indicate bias, and "Master Bath" has been changed to "Primary Bath" on the Subject Interior Photos addenda
  • Report Search now includes AMC Name, Number of Stories, and Lender Client Contact Name, and displays an indicator while autocomplete is loading
  • New option under Settings > Form Processing to customize how report file numbers are generated
  • Improved display scaling support in supporting applications
  • The AIReady export has been updated to support the latest mappings required by the FLEX Appraisal Report
  • New primary forms: Bank of America BPO (Walk-In, Drive-By, and Desktop), Marshall & Swift Square Foot Appraisal Form (1007)
  • New addenda: Appraiser Independence Certification (04/2014), Commercial Comps Photos, General Charts (1-up Landscape, 1-up Portrait, 2-up w/ descriptions, 3-up with descriptions)

Appraise-It Pro 2.7 (released 7/14/22, updated 8/17/22, 12/5/22, and 4/5/23)

  • Required maintenance update to ensure the continued functionality of Complink
  • Added support for Inspect-a-Lot v.7
  • New primary forms: Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report (Hybrid), Property Data Report, Property Completion Report, and FLEX Appraisal Report

Appraise-It Pro 2.6 (released 5/9/22)

  • Improved ANSI support for Inspect-A-Lot Connect, the Square Footage Calculation Addendum, the Format panel, and the report validator
  • Corrected an issue where the Apex Integration did not work after upgrading to Apex Sketch v. or newer

Appraise-It Pro 2.5 (released 3/28/22)

  • Revamped automatic adjustments adds new line items and expands existing line items, especially in UAD reports, accross a new standardized set of automatic adjustments addenda
  • New Adjustments Sensitivity Analysis tool helps ensure your comparable adjustments are consistent and accurate
  • ACI Sky and Appraise-It Classic Exports now support exporting unsupported addenda as images on exhibit pages
  • Census Tract Lookup now uses's 2020 data set
  • New addenda: Appraiser License Certificate (Landscape, Portrait, and Square) and General Photos (8/Legal, 12/Letter, and 15/Legal)

Appraise-It Pro 2.4 (released 8/30/21; updated 9/23/21, 12/13/21, and 1/10/22)

  • Improved handling in AIReady uploader for overflow and exhibit page conversion
  • New buttons in Support tab: Email, to access the Support Request form, and Refer a Friend, to access the Refer a Friend form
  • Market Analysis Service now transfers MLS description to 1004MC's "Cite data sources" field
  • Improved RPTI and report import handling
  • New addenda: UAD Specific Listings comparables, HUD 92051, General Charts 3-up and 4-up w/ descriptions

Appraise-It Pro 2.3 (released 7/12/21)

  • Required update to allow continued usage of BuildFax, CompLink, the Market Analysis Service, and Marshall & Swift Estimator
  • BuildFax now transfers to a dedicated custom addendum
  • Market Analysis Service expanded to include optional median price broken down, time adjustment factors, and market listings and sales research data
  • New primary form: Standalone Disaster Inspection Report
  • New addenda: Extended General Photos (Letter), Extended General Photos (Long Descriptions)

Appraise-It Pro 2.2 (released 5/19/21)

  • Addresses report delivery issues with Clear Capital and TOTAL Connect
  • New Word Processing section in Settings to customize defaults
  • New primary forms: Appraisal Institute Residential (100.05), Land (120.05), and Restricted Residential (200.05)
  • New addenda: FIRREA / USPAP Addendum, FIRREA Appraisal Requirements, Site Comparable Photos, Appraisal Institute Liquidation Value Addendum (801.05), Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum (820.06), and Certifications and Limiting Conditions (900.05)

Appraise-It Pro 2.1 (released 3/29/21)

  • PropMix Integration: seamlessly search for comparables from your MLS, research history, run inventory and markey analysis, adjust valuations, and update the appraisal report without leaving Appraise-It Pro
  • New Default Formatting settings to control field and font options and a variety of improvements to field and font options throughout Appraise-It Pro
  • New RPTI format support: third party products can export a report file Appraise-It Pro can open natively (specification available here)


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