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How do I replace my server?

Follow the steps below to transfer your data from your existing server to a new one, then repoint your client computers to the new server.

Please note that these instructions assume you will be using the default storage location for your SFREP data (i.e. the root of the C: drive). You may store the data wherever you prefer; ensure you change the appropriate settings when necessary in the steps below.

Transferring Your Data
1. Find the folders you need on your existing server. By default, they are on the root of your C: drive (i.e. you should see them when you open your C: drive). However, your existing server may have the folders stored in a subfolder of the C: drive, or on a secondary drive.

a. If you use Appraise-It, or Appraise-It and Apex Medina, find the TRADATA folder.
b. If you use Photograph-It Plus, find the DATABOOK and PHOTOMGR folders in addition.
c. If you want to retain old Sketch-It sketches for importing into Apex Medina or use in Sketch-It 3.0, find SMSDATA in addition.

2. Copy the folder(s) from step 1 to your new server. Generally, you would use a USB flash drive or external harddrive of sufficient capacity to move them from the existing server to the new server.

a. Select the folder(s) from step 1. You can select multiple folders at once by holding down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard while clicking the folders.
b. Right-click on (one of) the selected folder(s) and click Copy.
c. Open your flash drive or external harddrive, right-click in an empty area, and click Paste.
d. When the copy job is complete, move the drive to your new server.
e. Open the drive and select the folder(s) from step 2a, then right-click on (one of) the folder(s) and click Copy.
f. Open your new server's C: drive, right-click in an empty area, and click Paste. When the copy job is complete, continue to step 3.

3. If you wish to have Appraise-It installed on your server, download and run the necessary installer from After entering your customer ID, you will see a list of available software.

a. Click on the Appraise-It installer link. When prompted, save it to your desktop.
b. Run the installer.
c. During the installation, we recommend you use the default settings. Click Next when prompted, and Finish when the install completes. 
d. Repeat the above steps for Apex and Photograph-It Plus, if applicable.

4. If you installed software on your server in step 3, register your software.

a. For instructions on registering Appraise-It, click here.
b. For instructions on registering Apex, click here.
c. For instructions on registering Photograph-It Plus, click here.

Reconfiguring Your Network
1. On the new server, share out your C: drive. Click here for specific instructions.
2. On each client, make a note of the mapped network drive's letter (i.e. "Z"). You will want to use the same drive letter for the new server connection. Close Appraise-It and right-click on the existing mapped network drive, then click Disconnect.

3. On each client, set up a new mapped network drive pointed to the new server's C: drive, using the previous mapped drive letter. Click here for specific instructions.

At this point, you should be able to re-open Appraise-It on all clients, and all your data should be accessible.


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February 15, 2019