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How do I add a new client computer to my network?

Follow the instructions below to add a new client computer to an existing network:


1. On the new client computer, set up a mapped network drive pointing at the server's C: drive or whichever drive is being shared. Click here for specific instructions.

2. Download the installer, available at Save it to the desktop of the new client.
3. Install Appraise-It.

a. Run the installer.
b. Click Next when prompted until you see a screen detailing installation directories and installation types.
c. Change the data directory from the default "C:\TRADATA" to "Z:\TRADATA", substituting the network drive letter you selected in step 2 for "Z". Click Next when prompted, and Finish when the install completes.

4. Register Appraise-It. Click here for instructions on registering.
5. Install any other licensed software, such as Apex.


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Last Updated
February 14, 2019