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How do I use the FHLMC Property Data Report?

The Freddie Mac Property Data Report is used to gather complete data about a subject property to facilitate cash-out and certain "no cash-out" refinance mortgages without a traditional appraisal. The PDR is a non-valuation report type which may be completed by trained data collectors, including real estate appraisers.

This report is only available in Appraise-It Pro. It is not compatible with Appraise-It Classic.

Before accepting any PDR assignments, be sure to review Freddie Mac's relevant Seller/Servicer Guide Bulletins:

In particular, note the PDR's data collection and exhibit requirements. The Addendum A download contains Freddie Mac's data set specification for the PDR, listing every data point the report collects with their allowed values and conditionality requirements. When completing a PDR, you must use the exact verbiage specified in Addendum A and include all required exhibits and photographs.

The PDR is different from other report types you may be used to in several ways:

  • Freddie Mac did not design and publish a form; they specified only the data set and left the design of the report form to individual vendors.
  • The PDR in Appraise-It Pro is a semi-dynamic report type, with a flexible set of repeatable pages you can use to thoroughly describe every aspect of a subject property.
  • You may not add any non-PDR addenda to the report. Freddie Mac wants only the information specified in their data set.

Report Structure
We recommend launching a new PDR with the Include suggested forms in the default template option enabled, to ensure all required pages are present and ordered correctly.

As a reference, here is the expected print order:

  • Property Data Report - Subject and Site
  • Property Data Report - Structure
  • Property Data Report - Kitchen/Baths
  • Property Data Report - Other Rooms
  • Sketch
  • Square Footage Calculation Addendum
  • Property Data Report - Subject Exterior Photos
  • Property Data Report - Subject Interior Photos
  • Property Data Report - Outbuilding Photos
  • Property Data Report - Additional Photos
  • Property Data Report - Certifications

Subject and Site
The Subject and Site form collects information that applies to the property as a whole: basics like the street address, as well as site conditions, utilities, common amenities, and similar.

Because this information applies to the property as a whole, it's not possible to have more than one Subject and Site form in a PDR.

The Structure form is repeatable, because a given property may have more than one structure built on it. The Structure form collects information that applies to a structure as a whole.

Kitchen/Baths and Other Rooms
Within a given structure, each individual room must be identified and described. The Kitchen/Baths and Other Rooms forms provide space to label each room and describe the state of their floors, walls, and ceilings; the Kitchen/Baths form includes additional relevant data points like appliances, countertops, and shower/tub surrounds.

There is space to describe three kitchens or bathrooms on the Kitchen/Baths form and four other rooms on the Other Rooms form. You can add as many Kitchen/Baths and Other Rooms forms as necessary to describe all rooms within the current structure. If you change the room's label, the relevant field labels will update if necessary; clearing a room's label will also clear its field labels.

Sketch and Square Footage Calculation Addendum
These are the same forms that appear in any other report type in Appraise-It Pro; simply draw your sketch and transfer it into the report as usual.

Subject Exterior Photos
You must provide all six photos of the subject property's exterior: front view, rear view, a view of each side, and a view of the street in either direction.

Subject Interior Photos
You must provide at least one photo of each room within the subject property, labeled to match the Kitchen/Baths and Other Rooms forms.

Outbuilding Photos
If the site includes any significant (permanently affixed) outbuildings, including ADUs but not including small sheds, you must provide both interior and exterior photos of each.

If there are no significant outbuildings, remove this form from your report.

Additional Photos
Provide any other relevant photos of the subject property, including any physical deterioration, improvements, amenities, and any observed issues or external influences.

You must provide a photograph of every item that had an observed issue.

This form includes Freddie Mac's standard certifications for this report type and a signature section.

Multi-Structure Reports
If the subject site includes multiple structures, add additional Structure, Kitchen/Baths, and Other Rooms forms as necessary to describe all structures. We recommend grouping each structure's room forms under its structure form. For example, a report describing a site that includes a primary dwelling and an ADU might look like this:

The first structure form describes the primary dwelling and the following three room forms (Kitchen/Baths, Other Rooms, Other Rooms 2) describe its interior rooms. The second structure form describes the ADU and the following two room forms (Kitchen/Baths 2, Other Rooms 3) describe the ADU's interior rooms.

Format Panels and Validation
Much like a UAD report, the PDR includes custom format panels and validation rules to assist you in filling out the report to Freddie Mac's specifications. Using the format panels ensures field data is populated exactly as the data set specification requires.

Whether you use the format panels or memorize and manually enter the required data, the validator will double-check your work to help ensure your report meets Freddie Mac's requirements.

Report Delivery
Unlike a UAD report, a PDR is delivered as a standard PDF. Once you print the report to PDF, you can upload it to your client.

Ensure you do not include any non-PDR forms or addenda in your delivered PDF.


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