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Appraise-It Pro: AQM Consistency Checking

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One key item that’s checked when doing a full validation in Appraise-It Pro is Appraiser Quality Monitoring or AQM consistency. Appraise-It was the first software to implement this.

To verify the consistency of your report’s comparables:

1. Select Validate in the Validator panel to run a full report validation.

  • Your comparables will be automatically checked against previous uses in your saved reports.
  • If any entries are inconsistent, you will be notified in the Validator panel with a green warning line item.

2. Select any warning line item to view details about the inconsistency.

  • For example, a previous report may have included a comparable you’re using in this report, but with a different condition rating.

3. To reconcile the inconsistency, change the field’s entry, or make sure you have commentary in the report addressing the change.

  • Double-click the warning line item or select Select Field to jump to the field in question.


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Last Updated
October 13, 2020