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Appraise-It Pro: The Validator Panel

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The Validator panel operates in two modes: live validation and full validation. Live validation automatically checks your report as you fill it out and move through it while full validation is more involved and checks many more items when invoked manually.

As you move through the report, the live validation’s color-coded results will be shown in the Validator panel. Green items are warnings that are not as serious but you should still go through them to see if you need to change anything. 

Yellow items are errors and are a bit more serious. These you will want to address before sending the report off.

And finally are red hard stops. These absolutely must be addressed before sending off your report.

To address an item, you can double click on it or single click then click Select Field up top and you will be taken to the corresponding field. When you are in a field that is referenced in the Validator panel, that item will be bold.

At any time, you can begin a thorough review of your report by clicking the green Validate button. Just keep in mind that, if you have not completed the appraisal, there will be a lot of warnings, errors and hard stops because of empty fields so it may be hard to sift through all the items.

One key item that is checked when doing a full validation is Appraiser Quality Monitoring or AQM consistency. Your comparables are automatically checked against previous uses in your saved reports. If your entry is inconsistent, you will be notified in the Validator Panel with a green warning line item.

There are also two rulesets that can be used when validating. These are UCDP, which is your standard UAD ruleset, and  FHA, which uses the Federal Housing Authority’s EAD ruleset. This selection is remembered from one report to the next so always select the proper ruleset when you begin a new appraisal.


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