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The Format Panel in Appraise-It Pro

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By default, the Format Panel is located in the lower-right corner of Appraise-It Pro. When not in a UAD or other formatted field, it displays a color key to help identify the different types of fields shown in the editor window.

When you enter a UAD or formatted field, the Format Panel changes to show text boxes, check boxes and pull-down menus to aid you in filling out the selected field in the proper format.

At the top of the panel, a green check button for Apply will add any changes made in the format panel to the selected field without advancing to the next. Clicking out to another field with your mouse will also apply the panel contents to the field as you leave it.

Pressing F-12 while in the editor field will select the Format Panel and move your cursor over without you having to use your mouse. Pressing F-12 again while in the Format Panel will apply any changes and move you to the next field.

Also up top, the red X for Clear will clear the contents of the format panel and pressing the Same as Subject button while in a UAD comp grid will copy the data for that cell from the subject’s corresponding field.

Finally, if you are typing into a larger, multi-line comment field in the format panel and exceed the amount of text that can fit in the report field, the text will be automatically formatted and continued into an extended comment addendum if available.


Rev. 2/2020


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February 20, 2020