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Using Total Connect in Appraise-It Pro

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To use Total Connect in Appraise-It Pro, finish and sign your report, then go to the Orders menu
and click on Total Connect.

First, you will need to select the pages from your report for delivery: 

On the left hand side, check and uncheck the boxes next to the pages or addenda you wish to
include or exclude from the final delivery. You can also rearrange the forms by clicking on a
form and using the arrows above the pages box on the right side to move it up or down.

On the right there are a number of checkboxes for various options.

“Combine extended comments”, which applies to the PDF and is checked by default, will boil
down all of the different extended comment sections to save pages. Unchecking this box will put each extended comment section on its own page.

“Show file and case number” will overlay these labels onto the word processing and PDF
addenda in the upper-right corner just like on other pages. This applies to the PDF version of
the report.

“Check for validation errors” will ensure your report is checked one last time by the report
validator for formatting and math errors and will make sure all text will fit within the lines and
boxes on the report.

And finally, “Number pages” will place the page number at the bottom of your PDF pages.

Below the Options section there is a check box to compress images in the PDF. This is important to ensure the final report submission is not too large to be transmitted through Total Connect. You can also select a JPEG compression quality level. The higher the number, the better the quality but the larger the file size. By default, this is set to 60.

When you are ready to proceed and hand your report off to the Total Connect service, click


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February 14, 2020