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Using Word Processing and PDF Addenda in Appraise-It Pro

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Word Processing Addenda

The word processing addenda are a carryover from Appraise-It Classic and come in two flavors: with headers and without.

Adding it to your report or template is simple. In the Report panel, click the green Add button. This will bring up the Add / Remove Forms dialog. Now, in the search box, search for “word”.

You’ll see two options -- word processing addendum, and word processing addendum without headers. Click and drag the one you wish to use between two existing addenda, or at the top or bottom, in the report listing on the right. You can add as many as you wish and each form can have an unlimited number of pages. When done, click Save and Close.

They’ll now show up in your Report Panel. To open them for editing, just double click on them in the list and a new tab will open up in the editing area.

Now you can create what is essentially a Word document embedded within your report. You can paste in images, text, create tables, graphs and do pretty much anything else you can do in Microsoft Word or other similar word processing programs.

You can also insert an existing word processing document in a variety of different formats into your report via the word processing addenda. Just go to the word processing addendum you’ve added to your report and in the Editor menu, click on Insert Document.

If you have added multiple word processing addenda into your report, you can also rename them so you can easily tell them apart by selecting them and clicking on the Rename button at the top of the Report panel.

PDF Addenda

New in Appraise-It Pro is the ability to have a virtually unlimited number of PDF addenda in your report, each with an unlimited number of pages.

Each PDF you add will show up as a new individual PDF addendum. To add a PDF to your report, go to the Edit menu and click on Insert PDF.

Next, select a PDF from the Open dialog and it will be added into your Report panel as a new PDF addendum. To view it, double click on it and it will open as a new tab in the report edit area.

Just like with word processing addenda, you can rename PDF addenda to aid you in keeping your report organized. Just use the Rename button at the top of the Report panel.


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