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Using AppraisalPort in Appraise-It Pro

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CoreLogic plans to discontinue the Envelope Uploader service in the near future, at which time AIReady will cease to function in Appraise-It Classic and older versions of Appraise-It Pro.

At that time, to deliver reports to AppraisalPort or create an ENV file, you will need to use the AppraisalPort export that is available in Appraise-It Pro v.2.9 and higher.

To use the new AppraisalPort export:

1. Make sure you have at least Appraise-It Pro version 2.9  installed and complete the report assignment you received from the Appraisal Port web interface.

2. Run the report validator and correct any issues found.

3. Go to the Orders menu and click AppraisalPort.

  • In the large box on the left, the contents of the report will be shown. Check or uncheck the forms you wish to include or exclude.
  • On the right, you can choose if you wish to include your extended comments as an attachment to the main form, convert them to an image on an exhibit page, or convert them to a text addendum.
  • Also on the right you can choose to compress images and run one more validation check on your report. 

4. Click Next.

  • If any additional errors are found, address them and rerun the AppraisalPort export. 

5. You’ll be notified if any forms in your report are not directly supported by AppraisalPort. By default, they’ll be placed into exhibit pages as images.

6. Your report will be converted to the ENV format and a PDF version of the report will be displayed. Scroll through the report and make sure everything you wish to include is there.

  • If you need to create an ENV file to upload to a web portal other than AppraisalPort, click the Save ENV button in the lower left corner. 
  • You can also save a PDF version of your ENV file by clicking the Save As button on the top toolbar.
  • To upload the report to AppraisalPort, click the Upload to AppraisalPort button in the lower right corner.

6. To upload, you’ll need to enter your AppraisalPort username and password.  Check the Save password checkbox if you want to save this info for next time. Then, click Next.

7. A list of orders you’ve accepted from AppraisalPort will be displayed.

  • Select the order that this report corresponds to by single-clicking on it.
  • If needed, you can search for an order in the search box above the accepted orders list and sort the orders by clicking on a column header.

8. Once you’ve selected the correct order, click Submit.

10. If your report successfully uploads you’ll receive this message and a link to review your order status and any feedback. Click Close.


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October 22, 2019