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Using AI Ready in Appraise-It Pro

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To send a report through AIReady, you will first need to have completed a report.

When ready to send it, go to the Orders menu in Appraise-It Pro and click AIReady (ENV). 

The AIReady Select Pages dialog will appear. Here you can select and deselect the pages of the report that you want to include in your AIReady Envelope. These selections will be remembered in the report so you always know what you’ve sent. Note that you can’t reorder the report. The order in which it is sent in the envelope is fixed.

To the right of the page selection panel are a few settings for the envelope. The Extended Comments section allows you to set how your comments will be included. If you mostly used text in your Extended Comments, you may want to choose “Convert to text addendum”. This will take up less space in the envelope and will make it easier to digitally process it on the other end.

If you included images, charts or graphs, you may want to select “Convert to exhibit pages”. This will preserve the formatting by converting your Extended Comments to whole-page images and include them on AIReady exhibit pages. This will, however, add to the overall size of the envelope, so keep this in mind.

Compressing the images in your final ENV envelope will sacrifice a bit of image quality for a much smaller size. Since there is a 10 megabyte limit, this is pretty important.  A good compromise in size vs. quality is 60 out of 100 so this is the default. If you wish to trade off a larger envelope size for better image quality, you can increase this number.

Finally, you have an option to check your report one last time for validation errors and overflowing text fields. By default, this box is checked.

Once you’re ready to generate your ENV envelope, click Next.

If you chose to perform one last validation and if any errors are found, you will be notified and given the option to go back and make corrections. Otherwise, the ENV envelope will be created and displayed in the FNC Envelope Uploader.

If you were asked to send an ENV file, click on the Save button in the OADI Envelope Uploader and save it to your desktop or some other location where you can easily find it for emailing or uploading. Otherwise, to send through AppraisalPort, click the Send button. 

One final note, if you are going to be sending reports through AppraisalPort and have not already set up your AIReady username and password for report transmission, contact FNC support to get this set up at 888-963-3330. They can assist you in setting up your account and entering these login details into the FNC Envelope Uploader.


Rev. 10/2019


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