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How do common and global responses work in Appraise-It Pro?

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When you run Appraise-It Pro for the first time, your common and global responses from Appraise-It Classic will be converted over automatically. Those common responses, including your “F-Keys” will be displayed for use in the Responses Panel in Appraise-It Pro.

One key difference between Common Responses in Classic vs Pro is that, in Pro, Common Responses are now available across all form types that contain that particular field. For example, the Common Responses for the City field in a 1004 will also be available in a 2055, the condo forms, and so on.

To use a Common Response, you can press the F-key assigned to that response, double-click the response from the list in the Responses Panel, begin typing the desired response and let Pro auto-complete it, or press F2 to get a pull down menu with the responses for that field. That last one is great if you are a keyboard warrior and prefer to keep your hands off the mouse.

There are two ways to add a new Common Response in Appraise-It Pro. You can type the new response in the field and then press CTRL and F3 through F11 to assign it to an F-key, go to the Responses Panel and click on the green plus for Manage Responses or click the Manage Responses button on the ribbon.

Here you can give the response a title, assign an F-key if you wish, and then type the response out. When done, just click the Save button. If you have already selected an existing response, you can clear the boxes on the right by clicking the New button.

You can also manage existing responses here. Re-order the responses in the list by selecting one and using the up and down arrows above the Responses list on the left-hand side.Additionally, you can click the Sort button to sort them in alphabetical order, or click on the red X to delete a response.

Keep in mind that the response list in the Responses Panel will always show responses that are assigned to F-keys first. Sorting only applies to the other responses that are unassigned. There’s also a red Delete Response button up top so you can select a response from the list and get rid of it.

Under Settings in the File Menu Backstage, there are two settings check boxes. “Share responses when sharing the data folder on a network” allows you to share all of your Common Responses with others on a local area network with you. Their responses will also be shared with you.

Checking “Share F-keys between forms” will keep responses assigned to the same F-keys across form types. When unchecked, F-keys will only be assigned in the forms you designate. Outside of that form, they appear as unassigned responses. Just keep in mind, if you enable this setting, it will unassign all of your currently assigned F-keys.

Global Responses enable text to be saved and reused in any text field, extended comment, or word processing addendum in Appraise-It Pro.  You can access them by pressing Ctrl + G or by clicking the button in the Text Field menu in the ribbon up top.

Here you’ll find and can use all of the Global Responses that were imported from Appraise-It Classic. You can also add new Global Responses here.

Editing, sorting and creating Global Responses works pretty much the same as it does for Common Responses and, since many users had a lot of Global Responses in Classic, there is a handy search feature to easily find what you need.


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August 13, 2019