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Appraise-It Pro: Installing and Registering

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Getting started with Appraise-It Pro is quick and easy. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that Appraise-It Pro and Appraise-It Classic can co-exist on the same computer system. This will allow you to ease into Appraise-It Pro at your own pace.



Once you are notified by email that your account is ready for Appraise-It Pro, use the download link in the email or visit to save the installer somewhere you can easily find it, such as your downloads folder or your desktop.



Once the download is complete, run the installer. Follow the prompts and select Next when prompted, then Finish.


First Time Run

Launch Appraise-It Pro to continue the first-time setup.

On first run, Appraise-It Pro will automatically convert your databases, settings, user profiles, and common responses. This can take from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on how much data you have to convert.



Once Appraise-It Pro launches, you will be prompted to register.


Existing Appraise-It Account

If you already have an Appraise-It Account, select Register.

Enter your Appraise-It Account email address and password, then select Next.

Select your company from the list, then select Next.

  • In most cases, there will only be one company listed.
  • Ignore Add Customer ID unless directed to use it by sales or tech support.

When it is finished, select Close. Appraise-It Pro is now registered.


Creating an Appraise-It Account

If you do not have an Appraise-It Account but know your SFREP customer ID and password, select Upgrade account.

Enter your customer ID and password, then select Next.

  • Your customer ID and password may be prefilled if Appraise-It Classic is present on this computer.

Select the name of the person who will be using this computer from the list, then select Next.

Enter the user's email address and create a password, then select a challenge phrase and enter its response for password recovery. When done, select Next.

You will receive a confirmation that your account was created. Select Next, then Close. Appraise-It Pro is now registered.


Free 30-Day Demo

If you’re new to SFREP and would like to give Appraise-It Pro a try, select Request Demo.

Enter your contact information, then select Next.

  • This is for internal use only. We will never give or sell your data to anyone.

Enter your email address and create a password, then select a challenge phrase and enter its response for password recovery. When done, select Next.

Enter your full name, exactly as you want it to appear when signing your reports, then select Next.

Appraise-It Pro is now registered and fully functional. If you need any help, please contact our support team.


User Profile

Before you can sign reports, you'll need a user profile.

Go to Home and select User Profiles.

Select your name on the left, then fill out your information under the Contact and License, and Signature tabs, then select Save.

If your name isn't listed or if you'd like to add an additional user profile, select New, enter the user profile information, then select Save As.


To add a signature image, go to the Signature tab, select Setup, and follow the prompts:


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May 04, 2021