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How does report security work in Appraise-It Pro?

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In Appraise-It Pro, reports are no longer secured with a digital signature. The signature is now simply an image of your signature and nothing more.

Report security in Appraise-It Pro is more robust, more secure and more refined. To secure a report, go to the Home menu in the Ribbon Bar up top and select Secure Report.

This will bring up the Secure Report dialog box where you will have the option to require a password to edit the report, open / view the report, or you can select both. Simply check the checkbox or checkboxes for the level of security you wish to apply, add a password, then re-enter it to confirm, then click OK. Finally, save the report.

The next time you attempt to open the report, Appraise-It will prompt for the password you entered. Once opened, You can repeat the above process to un-check the security check boxes to unsecure the report, if you wish.

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October 03, 2018