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Using the CLVS Connection in Appraise-It Classic

CoreLogic’s Valuation Services or CLVS allows appraisers to receive and transmit orders in MISMO XML and ENV format through the CLVS delivery system. This product is required for all SFREP customers who do appraisal work for CoreLogic.

A key difference you may notice if you used the previous Rels VSS system is that acknowledging the order in Appraise-It is no longer part of the process. This is now done on the AppraisalPort website.

When you have completed your appraisal report, have previously acknowledged your order on the AppraisalPort website and are ready to send it, go to the email order you received from CoreLogic and copy the order number. Next, back in Appraise-It, go to the Orders menu and select CLVS Connection. The order number can also be obtained from the AppraisalPort website.

Paste or type in the order number from the email, verify the order information, answer the undue influence question, then click Next.

Now you will be prompted to login with your AppraisalPort account information. Note that this is different from your VSS login if you previously used the Rels VSS service. If this information is not already present, fill in the User ID and Password you established with AppraisalPort and click Next.

Now you will need to choose which pages and addenda will be included in the CLVS submission. This is the standard process for printing or creating a PDF and XML in Appraise-It. You can even use your established print schemes. When you are done, click Next.

Next, you will need to verify some settings for the ENV conversion. This is very similar to the options you may have seen when uploading to AI Ready.

First, select how your extended comments will be sent. If your comments are all text, you will probably want to select Convert to Text Addendum. If you included any photos, charts or special formatting like tables, then you may want to convert them to an image and have them placed on an exhibit page. Here you will also find an option to attach all extended comments to the main form. This selection can cause field overruns when the ENV file is converted back to PDF for human reading so keep this in mind.

The report will now be converted and go through a final validation process. Address any errors that may have been found and click Next when you are done.

Your report will now be verified and reviewed by ProQuality. This process may take up to a minute. If your report does not pass validation, click OK on the message acknowledging this and you will then be presented with the results of the Pro Quality validation.

To see what issues need to be addressed, click on the red View Details button.

Some of these issues may require you to provide commentary. For those you’ll need to click on the commentary tab in the top left.

Similar to the previous screen, you will find a tree on the left. Click on each question, read the information and instructions up top, and answer as necessary in the text box below. If the question requires a yes or no answer, select that radio button. When done, you can return to the validation tab up top to finish addressing all other issues.

Once you are done addressing any alerts, warnings or request for comments, click on the Resubmit the Report for Validation button in the lower right. This will bring you back through the validation process. If any further errors are found, click the View Details button to see what you may need to correct or change and repeat the process.. Don’t worry, your comments from earlier are saved. If no further errors are found, click Next.

Now it is time to generate the PDF for the report submission. This process is automatic so just click Next.

Once complete, you will have an opportunity to view and verify the PDF created. To view the PDF, click the view button. When done, click Upload.

The report will now be uploaded to CLVS. Please be aware this can take quite a while, up to 12 minutes, depending on a number of factors including the speed of your Internet connection, how busy the CLVS servers are and how large your appraisal is.

When the upload has completed, a visual representation of your report envelope will be displayed as an embedded PDF. Note that if you have not previously installed a PDF viewer on your computer, you may get an error message here. If you do, install a PDF reader like the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader, or contact our technical support for assistance.

Review the envelope. If everything looks good, click the blue Associate and Approve button to send the report to CLVS and then click the Exit button. If you do not click Associate and Approve, your report will not be sent. Make sure you save your report in Appraise-It to ensure any comments you made in the CLVS Connection are saved along with the report.


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December 07, 2017