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Appraise-It Classic & Pro: Using Sketch-It

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Sketch-It 3.0 is a 32-bit version of the original 16-bit Sketch-It Windows application. It is included with all Appraise-It installs of version 10.2 and higher, as well as all versions of PRO, accessible under the Tools menu. It is a direct conversion of the original application, meant to function exactly as the original, with no new features or functions. The following documentation was included in the original application's Help file.

Quick Start Information
Want to Get Started Right Away?
The Active Layer and Area
Suggested Order of Drawing
Rules to Remember
Understanding the Screen Layout
Setting Up Some Default Information
Key Assignments

Working with Files
New Work Surfaces
Opening Files
Saving Files
Saving Files As
To Exit Sketch-It

Creating and Editing Areas
Methods of Starting Areas
The Create Area Dialog Box
Drawing the Area
Editing and Working with Closed Areas
Changing the Scale of Areas

Creating and Editing Lines
Using the Create Line Mode
Methods of Drawing a Line
Drawing Angles and Arcs
Editing Lines

Creating and Editing Text
Creating Text
Editing Text
Keys Used While Creating Text

Creating and Editing Icons
Creating Icons
Editing Icons
Creating Erasers
Editing Erasers

Working with Layers
Using Layers
Changing the Scale of the Layer
Moving Layers
Erasing Layers
Reversing Layers

Changing the View
Using Sketch-It's View Options

Setup Options
The Setup Menu

Tips and Troubleshooting
Questions and Answers



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March 23, 2020