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How do I reinstall Appraise-It?

It may be necessary at some point in troubleshooting problems to reinstall Appraise-It.

Go to This Location and download, then run, the Clean_Install_SFREP script.  It may be necessary to tell windows to allow it to run.  Doing so will run the steps below automatically.  If you are unable to run the Clean_Install_SFREP script, complete the steps below. 

1. Open your list of installed software.

  • In Windows XP, go to Start ⇨ Control Panel ⇨ Add/Remove Programs.
  • In Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Start ⇨ Control Panel ⇨ Programs and Features.
  • In Windows 8, go to the Start screen and type "programs and features", then hit "Enter".
  • In Windows 10, click the Windows icon on your toolbar, click on the "cog" icon to bring up Settings.  Type Control Panel in the search bar at the top of the settings window and click on control panel in the results to open it.  Click on  Programs and Features.

2. Once the list of software installed on your computer populates, find Appraise-It and select it, then click Change.
3. Select the Repair/Reinstall option when prompted, then click Next.
4. Click Finish when prompted.

The current version of Appraise-It has been reinstalled. 


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Last Updated
April 26, 2021