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What's new in Appraise-It Classic?

The bullet points included here summarize major new features in each version. For a detailed list of changes, go to HelpWhat's new? in Appraise-It Classic.

Appraise-It 16.7 (released 10/16/23)

  • Branding update emphasizes "Classic" name
  • "Master Bath" has been changed to "Primary Bath" on the Subject Interior Photos addenda
  • Notification of CoreLogic's intention to discontinue the Envelope Uploader added to AIReady integration

Appraise-It 16.6 (released 7/14/22)

  • Required maintenance update to ensure the continued functionality of all web services

Appraise-It 16.5 (released 5/9/22)

  • Corrected an issue where the Apex Integration did not work with Apex Sketch V. or newer

Appraise-It 16.4 (released 3/14/22)

  • Census Tract Lookup now uses's 2020 data set
  • Autosave no longer fails silently on Windows 11
  • Multiple MISMO and 1004 Hybrid bug fixes

Appraise-It 16.3 (released 7/12/21)

  • Required update to allow continued usage of CompLink, the Market Analysis Service, and Marshall & Swift Estimator

Appraise-It 16.2 (released 5/19/21)

  • Addresses report delivery issues with Clear Capital and TOTAL Connect

Appraise-It 16.1 (released 2/1/21)

  • Branding update migrates RealEasy Appraisals to Appraise-It
  • Multiple bug fixes for 1004 Desktop and Hybrid reports

Appraise-It 16.0 (released 9/8/20)

  • Restored ZIP+4 transfer to report from Flood Maps
  • Disaster Inspection Report addendum added to default skeletons for 2055, 1073, 1075, 1004C, 1025, 2090, and 2095 report types
  • Corrected missing UADVERSION attribute in AIReady for 1004 Desktop and Hybrid reports

Appraise-It 15.9 (released 7/27/20)

  • New major forms: Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (Desktop), Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (Hybrid)

Appraise-It 15.8 (released 7/6/20)

  • Flood Maps has been updated with improved imagery and a choice between road or aerial imagery

Appraise-It 15.7 (released 4/13/20)

  • Resolved issue with transferring Marshall & Swift Estimator data to appraisal reports

Appraise-It 15.6 (released 3/30/20)

  • New addenda: FNMA COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities Addendum (Exterior-Only), FNMA COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities Addendum (Desktop), FHA COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities Addendum (Desktop), FHA COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities Addendum (Exterior-Only), VA COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities Addendum (Desktop)

Appraise-It 15.5 (released 9/3/19)

  • Chat support and remote assistance now use LogMeIn Rescue

Appraise-It 15.4 (released 7/1/19)

  • Improved EAD support: simplified FHA-compatible MISMO XML export process and added automatic generation of self-signed digital certificates

Appraise-It 15.3 (released 5/13/19)

  • Integration updated for Inspect-a-Lot v.6

Appraise-It 15.2 (released 1/7/19)

  • Integration updated for Inspect-a-Lot v.5

Appraise-It 15.1 (released 12/10/18)

  • New major form: Pro Teck Desktop Appraisal Report (7/2018)

Appraise-It 15.0 (released 10/15/18)

  • Inspect-a-Lot Connect square footage calculations update
  • New addendum: Appraisal Nation Supplemental Value Comparables

Appraise-It 14.9 (released 8/22/18)

  • Integration with Apex Sketch v.7

Appraise-It 14.8 (released 7/31/18)

  • New addendum: Ditech FHA Addendum

Appraise-It 14.7 (released 5/29/18)

  • New major form: Solidifi Desktop Appraisal Report - Quantitative

Appraise-It 14.6 (released 4/17/18)

  • Integration with CoreLogic's new CLVS service
  • Solidifi Desktop Appraisal Report's date corrected
  • ClearCapital Desktop Appraisal now supports MISMO 2.4.1 export

Appraise-It 14.5 (released 1/15/18)

  • New major form: ClearCapital Desktop Quantitative (2017)

Appraise-It 14.4 (released 10/31/17)

  • Sketch32 now available 
  • New addenda: Appraisal & Report Identification (Review) and Review Certification (2017)

Appraise-It 14.3 (released 9/25/17)

  • Integration with Inspect-a-Lot mobile app
  • New Appraise-It account management system
  • New major forms: Evaluation Appraisal Analysis (704B), Wells Fargo Residential Appraisal Review (2014)
  • New addendum: Gross Rent Multiplier Analysis

Appraise-It 14.2 (released 4/22/17)

  • Get Census Tract service automatically retrieves the subject's census tract
  • Appraiser Genie Cloud support for REO addendum
  • Street Maps service now uses the latest Bing Maps control
  • New major form: Solidifi Desktop Appraisal Report

Appraise-It 14.1 (released 1/23/17)

  • Appraiser Genie Cloud support for non-lender forms
  • New major form: Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule
  • New addendum: Chase HUD Addendum


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