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How do I create an .ENV file?

Your client may request your report in .ENV format. You can create this file in AIReady.

1. With your report open in Appraise-It, go to OrdersAIReady Upload Report (ENV).
2. Follow the prompts to load your report into the Envelope Uploader.
3. Once the report loads, look through it to ensure the report loaded correctly.
4. Click Save on the toolbar. You will be prompted to select a save location, and to name the .ENV file. Save the file in a location you will easily remember.


Note: If you are submitting this ENV directly through AppraisalPort, make sure to click the Connections option at the top of the window and fill out the username and password and click OK.  If the OK button is not visible due to resolution, you can use Alt+O on your keyboard.  Then click on the Send option to send the .ENV through the desired portal.


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February 14, 2019